Sharing customer knowledge – a total organisational approach 💻

By Diana Woodburn | September 30, 2020 | AKAM News Webinar

Sharing Customer Knowledge – a total organisational approach promises to be a snappy, thought-provoking webinar with EMCOR UK’s KAM exponents Steve Dolan and Jeremy Campbell. How do you get a Facilities Management biased business to focus on customers and customer value when the main thrust of the business is on providing services? How do you get […] Read More

Insight into KAM culture and authority

By Diana Woodburn | September 18, 2020 | Paper

Sarah Petrelli’s Masters thesis (USI, Lugano) explores some of the less well-defined areas of KAM, which are, nevertheless, critical to key account managers’ success. This report on 20 interviews with working key account managers finds revealing differences in culture and levels of authority given to kams between organisations, according to the maturity of the KAM […] Read More

Enhancing KAM through collaboration 💻

By Diana Woodburn | September 3, 2020 | AKAM News Webinar

Truly exploiting the benefits of Key Account Management has to be based on changing the dynamics of the relationships with clients to a more holistic engagement. Collaborative approaches broaden the capability of organisations to respond to (pull) or propose (push) more complex propositions to meet the demands of the market or specific challenges. All too […] Read More


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