Mike Green and Kate Owen of Capita held a fascinating webinar on Friday 24th January 2020 for AKAM members, discussing:  
  • Is ABM just a cosmetic make-over of B2B marketing? 
  • Do Account-Based Marketers understand how one-to-few is different from one-to-many?
  • How does ABM work with KAM?
  • What do key account managers need to know about ABM?
  • How should key account managers and ABM marketers work together?
  Kate explained how KAM should be making use of ABM with their customers, and exploring the full picture to ensure all parties work together in synergy to create a hyper-personalised approach. Watch the video to find out more about Capita’s 10-step programme, why the 3 R’s are so important and how relationship building is a key focus in successful ABM in KAM.