Author: DianaWoodburn

Successful key account managers in Vilnius, 17th May – sneaky preview

Matching key account managers with customers is critically important, says Clara Carter, Sales Director of Accord-UK, in a preview of her session for the workshop in Vilnius. We asked Clara to share her views from many years of experience of KAM in the Pharma industry on how she gets the most from her key account managers, […]

Blog: Next workshop, on GAM – Thursday 8th February, Amsterdam

Are you involved in global account management? Do you want to be? Our next workshop will give you the chance to find out about the ups and downs of GAM, some of the pitfalls and unintended consequences, and what you might do to mitigate or avoid them. We’ve recruited a brilliant set of experts for […]

ABB on KA teams at Dublin conference in November

Has your company embraced the concept of key account teams? Or is it still expecting key account managers to manage all the interaction with the customer on their own? Because that’s a really bad idea – not least because key customers want to know that there’s more than one person from the supplier supporting their […]

Workshop 6th June in Lugano

Smaller companies often ask ‘Is KAM relevant for us?’ AKAM is clear that the answer is, potentially, a firm ‘yes’. So what can they learn from big companies to help them adopt the right approach? And do big companies have all the answers anyway? AKAM’s reply to that is an equally firm ‘no’. Large companies […]

Influence of senior management in KAM

A full house in Dublin had a lot to say about this issue. Each session was followed by a vigorous debate in groups and as a whole, and there were lots of ideas about how senior management could and should support key account management – although a number of participants pointed out that they weren’t […]

Dates for 2017

See ‘Events’ for the full agenda for the next workshop in Dublin on 30th March. There’ll be two senior practitioner speakers and valuable academic input too, so it will be a good session – interactive and participative as usual. With more than 30 registrations already, email me as soon as you can to reserve your place. […]

AKAM moves to Ireland

2017 has arrived with the retirement of Dr Kevin Wilson as AKAM Chairman – Dr Diana Woodburn takes over the role. At the same time, AKAM is moving base to Ireland, kindly hosted by the Dublin Institute of Technology, which has a significant area of teaching and research in KAM. Along with this, we are […]

Members Benefits

Information sharing with a network of members, either through online discussion forums or direct is an important element of the AKAM community. The members area has sections on: Learning about KAM Kam programmesVideosWorkshop Reports Recently added to the members section are downloads of the inputs and outputs of the AKAM workshop in London on June […]

London Workshop June 2016

This workshop was the second of the occasions when AKAM members – and non-members – met and talked together. Practitioner speakers stimulated lively discussion on value creation and the issues that prevent its realisation in some cultures. Our academic presenters uncovered counter-intuitive dynamics in KA teams that affect their performance, and also looked at what […]

Welcome to AKAM

  Welcome to the first blog of the Association of Key Account Management. The aim of this blog is to highlight the activities of the association and to discuss all areas of interest to those involved in Key Account Management. What’s in a name? Key Account Management (KAM) has been around a long time and under […]