Customer Driven Business Development
- Increase your relevance by letting your customers show you how to develop your company
Friday 10th September 2021
11:15-12:15 p.m. BST | 12:15-1:15 p.m. CET
Michael Widing | Experify Group

Many companies struggle to understand how they can stay relevant for their customers.

Relevance is not only about offering the right products and services but also about challenging existing ways of working and adapting business models and internal processes. The effect will be increased loyalty which means more, and recurring, business for you.

This seminar will go through why it's of strategic importance for a company to understand and adapt to its customers’ needs and how you as a Key Account Manager can play a central role in starting up the CX-processes within your organisation.

The seminar builds on the article published in the June Bulletin and will go deeper into how, in a practical way, you can get started on untapping key customer insight systematically. The process will strengthen the relationship between you and your key customers, showing that you truly strive to help them become more successful. Consequently, they will grow more loyal to you. The process will also provide the organization that supports the front line (i.e. customer service, R&D, Product development, Business Development etc.) to understand what is working in your service offering and is being appreciated by your customers, and what needs to be changed.

Michael Widing

Michael Widing
Customer Experience & Insights Manager | Experify Group

Michael Widing is a pioneer within Customer Experience Management and CX, focusing on leading cross functional transition programmes helping organizations become more customer centric. 

He has been dedicating the last 20 years of his career to extinct bad customer experience driving strategic CX transformation programmes within global B2B companies. 

Master of Business Administration, Lund University and a Bain & Company certified Professional Net Promotor Score Fellow

Hosted by:

The Association for Key Account Management

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