The Association of Key Account Management Diploma fees are outlined below.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Registration, optional competency capture mentoring, Part 1 assessment deposit fee and full individual AKAM membership for 2 years

OPTIONAL training support
Unlimited access to relevant theory modules for 2 years

Assessment and certification
Part 2 completion of assessment fee on submission of 12 competencies, and certificate when successful






Corporate Members





Resubmissions for competencies not passed initially

Fee on application
depending on number


1 AKAM will offer you the option of mentoring support from an AKAM Board member to assist you in writing up your competencies appropriately.


2 Where AKAM membership has already been paid, a refund of the overlapping part of the year will be made on receipt of the registration fee.


3 You must submit your 12 competencies for assessment within 2 years of registration.

4 The Diploma requires that you have some knowledge of the theory that underlies the different activities involving key account managers. AKAM has developed 8 2-hour modules to support this need, to all of which you can gain unlimited repeat access for 2 years for a single fee. Modules are not available separately. You are by no means obliged to purchase these modules: you can gain the same knowledge through books (see recommended list), courses or other sources.

Register to start your Diploma
Registration fee: €750 

For registration, optional mentoring on competency capture, Part 1 of assessment fee and full individual membership of AKAM for 2 years.

  • Non-members: please pay here.
  • Existing individual members: pay here and the remaining portion of your membership will be refunded immediately (please tell us you have registered via [email protected] for the fastest response).
  • Full corporate or programme members: registration fee is €250. Applicants can register by paying €750 here and €500 will be immediately refunded. Alternatively, your organisation can apply to [email protected] to pay by invoice.


€750.00  /  2 Years