Can we help you? AKAM support - live online - AKAM

Can we help you? AKAM support – live online

Member Webinar

Friday 21st April 2022
12:15-1:15 p.m. CET/11:15-12:15 p.m. GMT

Get help with your KAM issues from an expert and practitioner panel . . .

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Can we help you?

You’ll know that KAM isn’t an easy job, and often you don’t have anyone to ask for advice. Or not someone who understands what you’re talking about.
Maybe you want a second opinion on a course of action, try out an idea or even just express your frustration!

In this session you can do any/all of that and gain support and insights from a highly experienced panel – Maggie Chandler of Skanska UK; Dominykas Cibulskas (SIA ZB) and Diana Woodburn (AKAM). Between them they have decades of KAM experience and have probably encountered any issue you have. What’s more, they have worked as both internal and external KAM consultants and are keen to give you all the help they can.

So reach out and grab this opportunity to explore your issue specifically. You can:

  • describe your issue verbally live on the day
  • type your question into ‘Chat’ during the session
  • email your issue to [email protected] in advance (which gives them time to think!)

Be identifiable or anonymous as you wish, just make it clear if you want to stay anonymous.


Dominykas Cibulskas

20 years of practice in KAM and Sales in FMCG, Pharma & Food in the Baltic states, from Key Account Manager to General Manager: plus Sales, KAM and Management consultant

Maggie Chandler

An impressive 20-year track record of transforming the customer experience at a range of blue-chip names, including BT,  Thames Water, Lloyds Register and now Skanska UK.

Dr Diana Woodburn

AKAM Chairman with 25 years of engagement with KAM as consultant, lecturer, researcher, author and, most particularly, trainer and coach to over 3,000 key account managers.

Maggie Chandler


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The Association for Key Account Management

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