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Procurement: sales prevention or strategic asset?

Procurement: sales prevention or strategic asset?

Open Webinar

Friday 13th October 2023
11:15-12:15 p.m. BST
Michael Winslow,
Partner, S P Consultancy

Are you extracting the true value from your key business relationships?

This thought-provoking session will delve into the dynamics of procurement and sales relationships, offering valuable insights to drive your company’s success.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Maximizing value from key business relationships. Are you leaving untapped potential on the table? Learn how to extract the true value from your crucial partnerships, turning them into strategic assets rather than obstacles.

  • Developing effective strategic relationships. Discover strategies to foster more productive and mutually beneficial relationships. Uncover the keys to building connections that drive growth and innovation.

  • Leveraging key suppliers/customers. Explore the power of working closely with a select group of suppliers or customers. Learn how to fully harness their capabilities to boost your success.

  • Aligning suppliers & customers with company strategy. Ensure that your key partners understand and actively contribute to your company’s strategic direction. Learn techniques to align their efforts for shared success.

  • Desired characteristics of future key relationships. Gain insights into the qualities that define successful business relationships of the future. Adapt your approach to stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape.

  • Global mindset & cultural management. Understand the crucial implications of cultural diversity in business. Learn how to effectively manage across cultures, avoiding pitfalls and embracing opportunities.

Michael Winslow

Partner, S P Consultancy

Michael Winslow is a successful Senior Executive with experience at board level in both Executive & Non Executive positions. Michael has broad international experience set against a record of achievement in a wide range of industry sectors. Michael’s skills & expertise lie in negotiation, influencing & persuasion, as well as delivering significant success in developing and managing strategic partnerships and alliances, building global organisations’ behaviours and managing across cultures. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Business Coaching and currently works with a number of businesses to help them define their business strategies and value propositions.

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The Association for Key Account Management

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Procurement: sales prevention or strategic asset?
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Open Webinar
Delve into the dynamics of procurement and sales relationships - are you extracting the true value?