Our popular workshop format offers KAM topic-focused presentations by experienced practitioners and KAM experts, followed by group discussions on interesting questions and challenges. Everyone present can share their experiences and benefit from those of others.

'AKAM Technical' workshops are half-day intensive, smaller-group learning sessions at which an expert workshop leader shares specific techniques with practitioners.

Our annual conferences have a more traditional conference presentation format, and therefore more speakers.

Meetings are usually held in a different location each time, so that AKAM can reach as many people around Europe as we can. Presentations and, where possible, discussion outputs are uploaded afterwards to Member Resources.

Member Webinar: KAM Team Engagement

Thursday 26th September
With Alistair Taylor and Diana Woodburn

Teams make good things happen – but only if they are high functioning. Research into team performance shows that often it’s not even clear who is in a team, what the team is seeking to achieve or who holds key responsibilities.  Such concerns markedly impact on performance.

If better teamwork is of interest to you, then please join us to explore routes that can benefit your organisation and your customers.

We’ll show how great teamwork starts at the top and that organisational values backed with operating rhythms are vital for success.

Members can go to Member Resources to register.

AKAM Technical: Value Creation

Tuesday 5th November, 2019, Madrid Airport
With Richard Ilsley

This workshop will discuss some of the practical issues encountered in developing key customer value, and introduce a method to identify and create real value which has measurable commercial benefits for both supplier and customer.

Register your place now.

Value in KAM: What does it mean?

Wednesday 6th November, 2019, Madrid Airport

Value is often talked about but can be a tricky concept to pin down. Is your view of it the same as the customer’s? Or are you wasting your time promoting something that really doesn’t interest them? Can you identify the value you are creating for the customer in your key account plan – or is it all about the value your company will capture? How do you create value for key accounts, and can you measure it? Numbers always speak louder than words.

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AKAM Technical: KAM Team Engagement

Tuesday 3rd March 2020, Berlin @ Pfizer Head Office Germany 
With Alistair Taylor

3rd Annual Conference on all KAM topics

Wednesday 4th March, 2020, Berlin, @ Pfizer Head Office Germany 

The conference will cover a fascinating range of topics in KAM, from both practitioner and academic speakers. Details later.



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