Our popular workshop format offers KAM topic-focused presentations by experienced practitioners and KAM experts, followed by group discussions on interesting questions and challenges. Everyone present can share their experiences and benefit from those of others.

'AKAM Technical' workshops are half-day intensive, smaller-group learning sessions at which an expert workshop leader shares specific techniques with practitioners.

Our annual conferences have a more traditional conference presentation format, and therefore more speakers.

Meetings are usually held in a different location each time, so that AKAM can reach as many people around Europe as we can. Presentations and, where possible, discussion outputs are uploaded afterwards to Member Resources.

AKAM Technical: Technology in KAM

Tuesday 3rd March 2020, Berlin @ Pfizer Head Office Germany 
With Dr Olivier Rivière

This workshop will explore key technologies and practices that can help you acquire, manage and develop top/key accounts. Dr Olivier Rivière will illustrate the principles with real-life examples and offer guidelines and advice as take-aways. The workshop has benefits to offer whether you are a Key Account Director with direct influence on selecting technology for your KAM programme, or a Key Account manager who needs to know how to get the most out of what is already there, or wants to lobby for technical support that would really make a difference.

3rd Annual Conference on all KAM topics

Wednesday 4th March, 2020, Berlin, @ Pfizer Head Office Germany 

The conference will cover a fascinating range of topics in KAM, from both practitioner and academic speakers. Whether you are a KAM  Programme Director or Key Account Manager, you will meet encouraging new thinking and fresh ideas, and peers who understand your pain and  your issues and have experienced some of the things you want to do. Plus you can start to build a network to help you from day to day, when  the need arises. Speakers from Siemens, Technological University Dublin, Fujitsu, Business Improvement & Growth, Namics, Yleracare and more....

12th & 13th May, 2020: Warsaw, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

  • Tuesday 12th May,  AKAM Technical (afternoon): How to get a Diploma in KAM (by experience),
  • Wednesday 13th May, AKAM Workshop (full day): What does trust mean in KAM? The critical element that is never talked about! Speakers Scott Waugh, Siemens, UK: Dr Colin Hughes, Technical University of Dublin, Ireland; and Dominykas Cibulskas, Walmark, Baltic States.

3rd & 4th November, 2020: ISEG Lisbon School of Economics and Management, University of Lisbon

  • AKAM Technical: How to write a strategic account plan with Dr Diana Woodburn
  • AKAM Workshop: Strategic Account Planning: what and why it is so important. Geoff Quinn Pfizer Global; Steve Sweeney, 212 Degrees, + one tbc



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