Event Schedule

Our events generally take a popular workshop format. Focused presentations by experienced practitioners and KAM experts are followed by group discussions on interesting questions and challenges. Everyone present can share their experience and benefit from others.

The output of discussions and input presentations are uploaded to the website afterwards as a resource to members.

Dates for 2018

Workshop on Global Account Management: Thursday 8th February, with the Sales Management Association, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. See Next Event now.
With Professor George Yip, Imperial College; Alistair Taylor, Brightbridge; + global manufacturer, tbc.
Workshop on Key Account Managers: Thursday 17th May, International School of Management, Vilnius, Lithuania
With Clara Carter, Accord; Gintare Betaite, Amrop; Kristina Maikštėnienė, ISM.
2nd Annual Conference on all KAM topics, Wednesday/Thursday 17/18th October, IESEG, Paris, France

Next event: AKAM's 1st annual conference

2nd November 2017, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Uncovering a wide range of KAM topics for KAM programme directors, key account managers and everyone else involved in the 'KAM sector'. A great opportunity to learn, to discuss and to network! Full list of speakers to be announced over the next 4 weeks (more speakers than our usual workshop format).

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KAM in big and small businesses: learning from each other

6th June 2017, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland.

Professor Ivan Snehota, the well-known authority on supplier/customer relationships, shared his insights into the differences from his years of research together with practitioners from big and small companies. In fact, KAM in big companies can be really difficult, while SMEs can apply their agility to be very effective. However, Armelle Dupont pointed out some essential decisions that SMEs sometimes miss, with extra insights into SME KAM from Mattias Bernhard of Loccioni. Critical research on the value of added services was offered by Dr Nima Hierati. 

Influence of Senior Management in Key Account Management

30th March 2017, College of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Key issues from AKAM's Chairman: why is it so difficult to engage senior management? Is the reason resistance or lack of understanding? Doug Gordon of Davy Asset Management on senior managers' role in key account manager well-being; Dr Lesley Murphy demonstrating why they should not  step back after KAM set-up; and Dominykas Cibulskas of Walmart identifies 'the octopus in the office'. 

Procurement and KAM

22 September 2016, Norwegian Business School, Oslo

How/can you challenge your customer on new procurement processes? Norway's national oil company, Statoil, shared its experience of current Procurement. Can you still create value? Where is procurement going? Professor Per Ingvar Olsen's research on how deals and business networks facilitate collaborative innovation offered a productive approach, while Dr Kevin Wilson discussed the role of the key account manager. 

Value creation, key account teams and KAM in professional services

7th June 2016, Queen Mary University, London 

Mike Green, RM Results explored the nature of value in KAM and how it is created. Strong research-based inputs came from  Professor Björn Ivens (University of Bamburg) and Sebastian Forkman (Queen Mary’s University) on the importance of networks for key account managers, particularly internal networks, and how they use them; and the effects of deprioritising customers and how subsequent performance is affected. With experience in law firms, Richard Hinwood of Withers Worldwide looked at crucial issues in professional service firms that impact on KAM success.

Introducing the Association for Key Account Management

21st January 2016, KEDGE Business School, Paris

KAM professionals from every angle of KAM activity - key account managers, KAM programme directors; KAM academics and KAM specialists in consulting, training and development - discussed the reasoning behind the birth of AKAM, its hopes and ambitions. The workshop carefully considered the demand for key account managers’ competencies alongside AKAM’s proposals for professional diplomas offering the opportunity to gain a qualification in KAM.