AKAM Diploma process


Registration allows AKAM to send you any information specifically for those developing their applications for the Diploma and assess your first trial competency. It includes AKAM membership for two years which will give you access to Member Resources, where you will be able to find lots of great material to help you develop your competencies and your presentation of them. Complete the application form and pay the registration fee.

Registration fee inc. two-year AKAM membership and mentoring to at least one competency pass: 750 euros.


Writing up your competencies will take some time and effort, possibly some study to fill in gaps. Your mentor can review your account of your competencies and make useful suggestions on content and clarity. AKAM does not require you to have a mentor, but we believe that you are more likely to complete your Diploma application if you have that support and feedback loop.

Your mentor can be someone you know or work with, or someone else with a good understanding of KAM. You should also make sure they have a good understanding of AKAM's Diploma requirements to guide you appropriately. Alternatively, contact AKAM via [email protected], we should be able suggest someone.


Before you spend a lot of time presenting all your competencies, you should complete one and send it to AKAM ([email protected]) to ensure that the content and form are acceptable to our assessors. You should then have a good idea of how to address the others. You can choose any of the competencies, but obviously starting with one where you feel comfortable and confident is a good idea.

See below for important hints and tips on how to demonstrate competencies. You will receive a brief review and if it passes, it will count as one of your twelve documented competencies. This support is included in your registration fee. If it does not pass, you should revise and resubmit it.

Complete competencies

You should now understand how to write up and present a Diploma competency and can proceed to complete your presentations of the others you need up to a total of twelve out of fourteen. (We understand that you may still be a professional-level key account manager without having had the opportunity to experience one or two areas, hence our requirement for just 12 of the 14 described.) You must submit your twelve competencies for assessment within two years of registration.


When you have completed your other eleven competencies, let AKAM know via Heidi Drewett at [email protected] or [email protected]. You will then be sent an invoice for the second part of the assessment fee, 750 euros. When you have paid the assessment fee, send your competencies and accompanying pieces of evidence to Heidi Drewett or [email protected].

Assessment fee inc. Diploma certificate: 750 euros.

AKAM will appoint a qualified assessor who will treat your material in strictest confidence. The Diploma will not be graded: you are only required to pass. Assessment may take up to eight weeks.


Finally, you will also be asked to participate in a short ‘viva’ (oral conversation) conducted over the internet by your assessor or AKAM Board member. They may check any of the competencies you have submitted and that you are the originator of the evidence you have offered.



If you have passed twelve competences, congratulations! You have earned the only independent Diploma in KAM. You will be notified by email and asked your postal address so we can send you your formal certificate. You may now add 'DipProKAM' to your qualifications after your name.





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