The Professional Diploma in KAM (by RPL)

Key account managers should have a qualification to demonstrate to their organisations, their customers and, indeed, themselves that they have a competent and professional approach to this important role.

Now AKAM offers an independent qualification to experienced key account managers that can be recognised across companies and regions, by employers and their HR managers.

The Professional Diploma in KAM is designed for those who are working as a key account manager and is not dependent on a fixed course of study. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an established route to qualification that accepts that sources of learning can be varied. AKAM's Diploma therefore recognises a range of sources of learning accumulated over a period of time, from ‘learning by doing’ while fulfilling the role of key account manager; from organisational development programmes; by observing and exchanging experience with peers and managers in KAM; by formal learning opportunities like courses and conferences; and by self-study and research. Candidates will have to demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the theory of KAM and related concepts, e.g. product/service marketing, as well as practice. (NB All material submitted as part of your application will be kept confidential to selected AKAM Board members who endorse AKAM's confidentiality policy (Click here) and assessors who have signed a specific NDA.)

The Diploma covers the essential competencies required by any key account manager, so to qualify the candidate must demonstrate sufficient ability in at least 12 of the 14 competences included within these four areas.

1. Business and customer understanding
2. Selling and business development
3. Organisational effectiveness
4. Relationships and interaction

NB: You can also obtain a Diploma in KAM (by study). You would need to complete an AKAM-approved course (currently limited option) and pass an AKAM case study. Contact AKAM for further information.



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