Corporate Member
Corporate company and corporate education members 

To a large extent, the benefits AKAM membership can offer are similar to both kinds of organisation, but we recognise some differences. In addition to the benefits available to individual members, corporate members generally have:

  • access to the AKAM website and Member Resource Centre for all employees
  • up to six free places at all workshops and the annual conference (additional places will be available for an additional fee)
  • membership of AKAM’s Board: a representative will be invited, but not obliged, to join the Board, so you can be involved in the development of AKAM and the direction of research
  • free certification of one development programme v AKAM Diploma competencies and access to advice on conforming to certification requirements
  • free registration of 3 candidates for the AKAM Diploma by Experience*
  • 20% discount off AKAM Diploma by Experience assessment fees*
  • first access to AKAM sponsored research results prior to publication
  • display of the 'AKAM corporate member' logo on print and electronic media
  • display of your organisation’s logo on the ‘Corporate membership’ page on Website and on the ‘Next event’ page once per year (i.e. approx. 4 months)
  • opportunity to put materials in workshop/conference packs once per year
  • opportunity to deliver a workshop or conference session on a subject relevant to the theme once per year
  • opportunity to contribute attributed resource materials to the website, e.g. expert video/ KAM tool/ KAM paper (NB. To be reviewed by AKAM to ensure alignment with KAM best practice).

    * For corporate education members, these benefits are superceded by the college's internal assessment of students of the Diploma by Study, with free external monitoring by AKAM of 20% of candidates.

We are a flexible organisation, happy to consider different kinds of partnership while maintaining our professional independence. Please contact us to discuss how you would like to be involved.