Join AKAM as an individual member

Individual membership is great for any KAM practitioner who feels the need to reach outside their organisation for more expertise and support that is on offer internally, or who wants to develop their own understanding and competency. AKAM puts you in touch with other practitioners, academics and experts who have something to offer you. We also put academics and consultants in touch with each other and with practitioners and corporates to facilitate their researches.

Why join? What do you get as a full individual member? Membership benefits are numerous, but top of the list:

  • Free attendance at any meeting: learn from practitioners and KAM experts and network with others with similar concerns.
  • Access to KAM resource material on the website: the only place where a significant, readily accessible concentration of support for your KAM activities is collected, so you can find what you need, when you need it. New items are constantly being added to the Member Resource Centre.
  • Opportunity to network: at events and by email through the list of members - maybe they can help, try asking.
  • and more KAM activity, accessed through the website.
Full individual membership fee: €180pa 


Special offer: Cluster membership - 4 for the price of 3

We’ll give you one full membership FREE if there are 4 people in your organisation who would like to join. Use the Individual Membership tab below to sign up 3 people, then just drop us an email [email protected] with details of the fourth, we’ll do the rest.

Unlikely to reach a meeting? Online membership is for you

AKAM is offering a new form of individual membership!

In the short/medium term, AKAM meetings will be held in major cities around Europe. That means that some of you are unlikely to reach a meeting, so if that’s your situation, online membership is best for you - it's a great deal at half the cost of full membership, just €90pa! It will give you full access to all Member Resources on the website; the opportunity to network by email with other members (any of them, not just other online members); and member-only benefits like the AKAM webinar programme (running every month from April 2020).

So if you can't travel to a meeting and hesitated to join AKAM before, now you have a great deal designed specially for you!

(And if at some point you find you can come to a meeting, you can easily register as a visitor.)

Upgrade to individual membership for meeting delegates 

If you have recently paid €90 to attend a meeting and would now like to join AKAM, please complete the process below first and then send an email to [email protected] requesting a refund of the meeting fee of €90. Just ask and include a note of which meeting you attended, and AKAM will make an immediate refund. But please note: the website does not do this automatically, you must send an email request.

If you require an invoice or receipt please email [email protected].

(Your membership year runs for 12 months from the date of payment of the membership fee. Reminders about renewal will be sent out before your membership expires, which will renew automatically if you have joined through the website unless you 'untick' the box above, allowing plenty of time for you to cancel your membership if you wish.)