We have found that one of the most common needs of companies developing Key Account Management is a source of shared experience and understanding around implementation issues.
AKAM Board Members and Corporate Members have a wealth of KAM experience, and we are keen to help organisations that would benefit from a well-informed and practical network, by sharing our experience, and by acting as a ‘sounding board’ and source of inspiration for your issues and ideas.


If this sounds like something that your organisation needs, you may be interested in our Programme Membership. It includes ten individual memberships appropriate to companies with a limited number of Key Account Managers, alongside a Programme Directors Forum exclusive to those developing their KAM initiative. It doesn't matter whether your KAM programme is new or somewhere along the journey to Best Practice, there is always progress to be made – if it isn’t moving forward, it’s probably sliding backwards!

Programme Directors' Forum

The Programme Directors' Forum will be a confidential, peer discussion group facilitated by qualified AKAM Board Members, whose agenda would be dictated by questions and issues input by you, its members. Otherwise, where do you go when you need advice, new ideas or changes in direction? Consultants, of course, but do you have access to one whenever you need support? The Forum represents a rare opportunity to exchange practical solutions for people in the often challenging position of securing and progressing their companies’ KAM practices.

As a member of the Programme Directors' Forum, you would be asked before the bimonthly meeting what aspects or issues you would like it to address. That gives time for AKAM experts to explore relevant sources to contribute to the session, and fellow members to consider what experience and information they can bring to the discussion. AKAM experts would get the meeting started with any relevant research/tools/materials they have and facilitate the discussion, including  actions, research or follow-up wanted by the Forum.

You will build a valuable personal network and benefit from the advice and experience of seasoned practitioners and also others likely to be at a similar stage of KAM development, who will empathise with your needs.


Programme Membership offers:
  • Maximum 2 nominated people to join the AKAM Programme Directors Forum, which will meet in person in Europe once per year, and 5 other times per year remotely (every 2 months) via an Internet meeting platform.

  • Plus 10 individual memberships with numerous benefits, particularly

    • access to 100+ items of KAM reference and guidance in our exclusive Member Resources site

    • FREE attendance at all workshops, webinars and other AKAM events during the year

    • access to the whole Member network

    • and more...


Subscription: 2,500 euros pa. 

To discuss the benefits of Programme Membership or to join, please email [email protected] initially to indicate your interest.




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