ABB on KA teams at Dublin conference in November

ABB on KA teams at Dublin conference in November

Has your company embraced the concept of key account teams? Or is it still expecting key account managers to manage all the interaction with the customer on their own? Because that's a really bad idea – not least because key customers want to know that there's more than one person from the supplier supporting their business.

Complex and high volume interactions mean that the customer's people need to have direct contact with their counterparts: the key account manager should be aware of the dialogue, but shouldn't be intermediating it all. That just places a bottleneck on the business and on the relationship. Sometimes it's the supplier senior management that is refusing to allocate the customer management and cross functional resources to constitute a KA team - but sometimes it's the key account manager, who is effectively expressing his/her personal insecurity by not allowing other people into the relationship. This is a fragile and counter-productive situation that suppliers should first recognise as undesirable, and then provide the resources to put a KA team in place.

At the November conference Rainer Schroeder from ABB Semiconductor will address the issues of key account teams and share his experience of getting a robust team together. He will tell how a clear focus on the purpose and tasks of the team helps to overcome the not inconsiderable challenges. You can sign up now to hear this very important session, among others, even though we haven't yet assembled the full agenda for 2nd of November at DIT in Dublin – just go to the Events/Next event page and sign up now!

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