On Friday, 24th April 2020, AKAM hosted a non-members webinar that focused on how you should approach the Covid-19 situation as a Key Account Manager. Nicola Boni of Bonfiglioli (Italy) and Dominykas Cibulskas, SIA ZB (Baltics) share their front-line experience to help you through.

Below you can see the recorded webinar and view the presentation slides.


Government advice and laws change on a daily basis, and nobody seems clear about what is advisory and what is compulsory. But now large parts of life have settled into a new shape, and business into new ways of conducting itself.

The changes may be permanent or temporary, but anyway no-one has any idea of how temporary. And are we looking permanently at more digital ways of doing business?

Communication with your accounts is crucial: one customer said.

‘You can always tell a good key account manager from a bad one – when things go wrong, good ones will be there (albeit virtually), but the bad ones go to ground, you won’t see them’.

So how should you approach the situation? You need to consider both the business and the personal implications of the situation. Some people can’t deal with uncertainty, some are getting stir-crazy, some have too much to do and others not enough.

There may be different aspects to the business, like new government regulations and applications that you’ve never had to deal with before.




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