Display your advertisements for key account management positions here to reach the most appropriate and best qualified candidates at no cost, whether key account managers or program directors. NB Advertisements will be accessible to all visitors to the site, not just members.

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AKAM is keen to help the right people find the KAM right positions. Most of our website visitors and members know what KAM is and is not - if the job is really a Sales position, this is probably not the right place for it.

In order to promote this facility, we are launching it free of charge to advertisers and job seekers. The process is simple, as described below.

To place an ad here:

  1. Send your advertisement to [email protected] in a fixed format i.e. PDF or picture
  2. AKAM will check the ad to ensure that it contains no obscenities etc, but not for conformity with equality legislation etc
  3. AKAM will upload it to the site within 10 working days (normally sooner), under the title of the recruiter and position

Please ensure that your ad contains all necessary contact information for potential candidates, as AKAM cannot take responsibility for content or answer queries about it. Click on the 'KAM jobs' button to see current ads, including a dummy example.

NB: While AKAM endeavours to have the website active and fully functioning at all times, the service is not guaranteed.

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