KAM Programme Certification

Courses and in-company programmes that help participants towards gaining the AKAM Diploma will have added value in the eyes of both corporate employers and key account managers. AKAM is now offering certification for quality and relevance in KAM to organisations providing KAM development, via a process that will have a sufficient degree of rigour to be meaningful – we make no apology for not rubber-stamping applications!

For certification, AKAM will agree that a competency should be either achievable or not achievable if the course is attended and its requirements fulfilled, and providers can then publish that the course makes that/those competencies achievable, use an ‘AKAM certified’ logo, together with the competencies that the certification covers. Certified programmes will be added to an AKAM list and the list made available on the AKAM website.

  • Certification is attached to a specific course or programme (not to the provider as an overall organisation). The provider - university, college, training agency or corporate - will identify the Diploma competencies which their course/programme should supply and for which they are requesting certification.
  • Competencies cannot be partially accredited: unless the course comes close to satisfying the whole needs of the competency as specified in AKAM’s competency framework, the course cannot be certified for that competency. So, for example, a course that spends a couple of hours on ‘Communication’ may still be useful to participants, but it will not be certified as offering competency in Communication. Please note if there are any AKAM competencies not covered in the form below.

AKAM will provide a specification framework which allows providers to describe and submit their courses and programmes in a way that enables AKAM to assess whether participants should achieve competency through attending and fulfilling the course requirements. The Diploma is designed to meet Level 6 (Europe) and Level 5 (UK), i.e. mid first degree level, so programmes need to address that level of learning.

Please contact [email protected] for further details.

For corporate members the certification process is included in their membership, for other organisations a fee of €2500 is payable in advance for multi-competency programmes. The fees are required to cover the time of a KAM authority to verify the programme: we may require 4-6 weeks to complete our assessment, including a site visit. (Fees on application for single competency certification.)