Key Account Managers of the Year Award 2018

AKAM Key Account Manager of the Year: in a large company.

AKAM Key Account Manager of the Year: employed in a SME.

Show the world how good you are – you deserve recognition!

Are you a great key account manager?

Ask someone who knows your work to nominate you - that's all they have to do, you do the rest.

Do you have a great key account manager on your team or with your supplier?

Check with them and get them to tell us how what they have done and how they've done it.

Download the Information Leaflet

If you need any more information, just email [email protected]. and ask. Then we’ll get in touch and answer any queries.


We'll be looking for:

  1. Depth and breadth of customer understanding.
  2. Creation of innovative offer/support/approach valued by the customer.
  3. Customer endorsement.
  4. Contribution to supplier's strategic objectives

We know KAM can be different in a small company, so we have two separate awards – one for key account managers in organisations with fewer than 250 employees, and another for key account managers in larger companies.

How it happens

Write a summary in not more than 500 words of how you have met these criteria within the last 3 years. Ask someone other than yourself to nominate you - that should be your line manager, customer or someone else in a position to observe you in the role.

Make sure your summary document includes your name, organisation, job title and contact details, and the same for your nominator, and then send it to [email protected].

Step by step Deadline
Nominees send a document (max 500 words) of why they should win the award to [email protected]. By 30th June 2018
Submissions will be assessed by AKAM Board members based on the four criteria above and the shortlist of 3 candidates for each Award notified. By 31st July 2018
Shortlisted 3 candidates make an Internet-mediated presentation to a panel of 3 AKAM Board members (20 mins). By 30th September 2018
Winners will be notified within 5 days. By 6th October 2018
Winners each receive a certificate and trophy to keep, and publicity for their achievement in the AKAM website, bulletins etc. By 30th October 2018
Winners will be presented to delegates at the AKAM conference in Paris, if they can attend. 18th October 2018


  • The application should be endorsed by their nominator as being substantially true.
  • Applications should relate to activities within in the last three years.
  • Confidential details will not be published.


What would winning do for your career?

For your company?

For your team?

Give it a try, why not?