Individual member benefits


Individual AKAM members will have free access to:

  • Information sharing with a network of members, either through online discussion forums or direct.
  • Online ‘clinics’ with a panel of experts.
  • Presentations and outputs from conference and workshop meetings.
  • A4KAM website resources.
    • KAM programme and key account manager diagnostics
    • Tools, forms and other KAM aids.
    • ‘Lite bites’, short, easy-to-read digests of the latest research in KAM; and ‘research reviews’ with more in-depth summary of evidenced knowledge to date.

AKAM members will also have opportunities to:

  • Attend the annual conference free of charge
  • Attend workshop meetings with topic introductions by practitioners and academics, 2 – 3 per year, free of charge
  • Serve on the AKAM Board and contribute to the direction of the organisation.
  • Join ‘special interest groups’ exploring particular areas of KAM and learn by participating in research.
  • Guide the research that AKAM will sponsor

Individual annual membership fee: 
€150 pa