Hosted by SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy. 26th June 2019

Jerry Angrave

In this workshop, Jerry Angrave of the Customer Experience Association and Empathyce shared his extensive knowledge and experience of mapping customer journeys. The workshop gave participants much-needed clarity in terminology in this area and showed them how to use a series of tools to explore the business and relationship as their customer sees it.

Unfortunately, many suppliers are very poor at seeing the world from the customer’s point of view, and that means that the basis on which they are tailoring their offers and behaviour is often inappropriate and irrelevant. As a consequence they remain mystified about why the customer is unenthusiastic about their ideas to the point of indifference.

Using the approach and tools from this workshop would enable Key Account Managers to understand much better how to gain long-term positive responses from key customers. While it can be formulated more specifically to match different customers, the overall customer experience strategy needs to be essentially ‘to do everything we can to help them be a successful business’. That means customers need to be confident that you are on their side; reassured that you are reliable; and that they couldn’t succeed without you.

You can download all the slides in Jerry’s workshop below to help you build your own customer experience strategy and the customer journey maps to go with it. Rather than just talking about relationships, you will identify the actions needed to get them to where you want them to be – and then it’s up to you!

The next AKAM Technical workshop will be on ‘KAM Value Creation’ with Richard Ilsley, 5th November 2019 in Madrid.



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