akam technical workshop: Negotiation in KAM

March 2019, Trafalgar Square, London


Have you ever emerged from a negotiation wondering how and why did it all go wrong? It’s not just selling negotiations that can be brutal – securing enough resources internally or the right decisions for the customer can be just as difficult. Even in close KAM relationships and great KAM programmes, negotiation plays a critical part.

At this ‘AKAM Technical’ workshop Alistair Taylor introduced approaches to negotiation appropriate in key account management, whether as a key account manager or KAM programme leader, to achieve better outcomes for your key accounts. If there is a mantra for negotiation in KAM, it must be 'Preparation, preparation, preparation!'

While you would not want to win the battle and destroy the relationship in the process, whether external with the customer or internal with colleagues, you cannot rely on a good relationship to get you to the right deal. Key customers often employ professional negotiators and procurement people who are often not part of the ongoing relationship, so this can be tricky. And while certain negotiation tactics – like silence – can be rather effective, overuse of tactical ploys can damage views of your trustworthiness, so they need to be used sparingly.

This highly regarded session took a systematic and practical approach to Negotiation in KAM that will yield more satisfactory results, while maintaining important relationships. It covered:

  • What’s different about KAM?
  • Framework for negotiations
  • Alistair Taylor - AKAM Board MemberSituation analysis
  • Creating value.
  • Focusing on the positive
  • Customers' negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Negotiation variables monitor
  • Shopping lists and how to use them
  • Avoiding emotions, personalities and positions
  • Building resilience
Alistair Taylor is a Director of Brightbridge Consulting and AKAM Board Member.