Can KAM exist in the FMCG war zone

By Diana Woodburn | July 26, 2021 |

There is no mechanism for deciding fair shares in any market, especially FMCG. It’s a famously hostile environment where higher profits go to those who have the scale, skill and tenacity to fight hardest for it. That usually means a hostile, confrontational, competitive battle between manufacturer and retailer. How can a collaborative KAM approach survive here? Peter Reynolds argues that creative tension and constant mutual challenge energises the continuous improvement and innovation that makes the industry so successful, and that neither retailers nor suppliers could achieve it alone. Without effective KAM much of the huge contribution to satisfying consumer needs – and growing the industry – would be lost. Effective KAM is indispensable: it even excels in FMCG. Peter offers some valuable suggestions on how to deliver KAM in this – and, indeed, in any other – challenging environment.

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