Postgraduate Certificate in

Key Account Management

January 2022 - September 2022

A Global First

AKAM and the Technological University of Dublin

have put together the first online Postgraduate qualification purely in KAM.

Designed for people in work. Access online lectures when it suits you. 6 Live online tutorials.

Earn 30 European Credit Transfer points - transferable to further studies like Masters degrees.

Designed to demonstrate KAM insight and competency to employers.

Subject expert lectures with insightful and interesting questions for you

Practical assignments based on exploration of your organisation

Flexible, engaging and reliable learning platform 'Brightspace'.

Starting mid-January 2022.

Application deadline 7th January 2022


Straight €3000,
no extras.

Payable when your application is accepted. 

Independent qualification

The Postgraduate Certificate in Key Account Management is an independent qualification that employers will recognise and value.

This is your chance to learn and validate your understanding of KAM and demonstrate it to the wider world.

Less experienced, new or aspiring key account managers.

More experienced key account managers who have missed out on KAM education and training or those wanting a high – quality university-accredited qualification in their profession.

Those working in a commercial or not-for-profit organisation, preferably but not necessarily as an account manager.

Applicants require an honours degree, in any discipline, for entry to the programme.

The first independent, academically-accredited qualification in KAM worldwide.

Top-quality lecturers in specialist subject areas – academic rigor guaranteed. AKAM membership and access to practical and academic reference materials in Member Resources, throughout the course.

30 postgraduate credits (ECTS) which may be useable for further postgraduate qualifications in TU Dublin and other Universities.

Increased attractiveness to employers and enhanced career prospects.

Part-time and entirely online: recorded lectures by our team of subject matter experts supplemented with live tutorials with an academic tutor Lectures are released in TU Dublin’s virtual learning environment – BRIGHTSPACE – on a weekly basis during term time.

Applicants can access them whenever they like, as often as they like.

The programme consists of three Modules of 8 or 9 lectures each:

1. KAM Essentials

2. Business analysis and strategic planning

3. KAM implementation, plus two live tutorials per module.

Lecturers will pose questions and set short exercises throughout each of the 3-hour lectures.

Student’s answers will be captured in a workbook and this will form part of the module’s continuous assessment. Assessments will consist of workbook answers plus a reflective review on the applicant’s organisation for Modules 1&3, and a complete strategic account plan for Module 2.

Applicants will also need to allow a significant amount of time for reading, self-study and research/exploration of KAM practice in their organisation.

HOW to apply

Complete the application form

PDF Printable application form coming soon

  • Complete the application form.
  • Send the completed application form with the required support documentation to: [email protected]
  • When your application is accepted: Pay €3,000 fee, no extras (payable by card or bank transfer to AKAM).
  • Receive and study the student handbook for the programme.
  • Receive student registration number for TU Dublin – student services and your log in details for the programme modules on the Brightspace platform.

COURSE structure

Each section within the module consists of 2 or 3 recorded lectures. Once a lecture has been released it will be accessible at any time or from any place through TU Dublin’s virtual learning environment – Brightspace.

Module 1

KAM Essentials


  • 1.1 Introduction to Key Account Management
  • Tutorial
  • 1.2 Key account relationships
  • 1.3 The role of the Key Account Manager
  • Tutorial

During each lecture questions will be asked and short exercises set, to be completed during the lecture and captured in a workbook. An additional piece of reflective writing will review how the concepts presented are/are not working in your organisation and what has been learned from the module which can be applied to your organization.

Module 2

Business analysis and strategic planning April to June

  • 2.1 Business environment analysis
  • Tutorial
  • 2.2 Strategy and value development
  • Tutorial

This module will develop a coherent process of analysing a key customer’s business in relation to a supplier’s business, as an approach to developing relevant and compelling strategies. Students should work on a customer of their organisation, regardless of whether they are its account manager, to analyse and develop strategies captured in the provided worksheets and strategic account plan format, which will form the basis for assessment.

Module 3

KAM Implementation July to September

  • 3.1 Selling and business development
  • Tutorial
  • 3.2 Marketing in KAM
  • 3.3 Organisational effectiveness
  • Tutorial

During each lecture, questions will be asked and short exercises set. These are designed to be completed during the lecture and captured in a workbook. An additional piece of reflective writing will review how the concepts presented are/are not working in your organisation and what has been learned from the module which can help in improving KAM performance in your organization.


Principal lecturer:

Dr Diana Woodburn, AKAM


Alistair Taylor,
BrightBridge Consulting


Rob Leavitt,
ITSMA Momentum


Dr Lesley Murphy, Tutor, Technological University Dublin

WHO to contact

Dr Anthony Paul Buckley Programme Director
Postgraduate Certificate in Key Account Management
Assistant Head, School of Marketing [email protected]

Dr Diana Woodburn Chairman,
Association for Key Account Management
[email protected]
+44 (0) 7940 526838

College of Business, Technological University Dublin City Campus - Aungier St
D02 HW71 Ireland

Apply before 7th January 2022

Complete the application form



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