Key customers, when asked why they select one supplier over other options, frequently refer first to the quality of the chosen suppliers team, the alignment, efficiency of working and ease of jointly building business. Yet in many key account programmes, the focus is on the rigors of account selection, strategies, value propositions and customer insight with opportunities to improve internal teamwork given only superficial consideration.

Alistair Taylor - AKAM Board Member

Alistair Taylor provided excellent insight into effective team engagement during his webinar, pointing out that ‘more than one expert creates the perfect team’. Building effective teams are not only a strategic movement but also an ability for teaming across pay grades and seniority to make the best use of skillset available.

Teams make good things happen – but only if they are high functioning. Research into team performance shows that often it’s not even clear who is in a team, what the team is seeking to achieve or who holds key responsibilities. Such concerns markedly impact on performance.

During the webinar, Alistair considered three fundamental questions:

  • Who is in your team, and how does the team stay aligned?
  • How are your leaders actively engaged with steering a key account management focus?
  • How can your team create more value?

Advising that key account management requires innovation, fresh eyes, showing constraints and an ability to move forward, Alistair reminded us all that the ultimate aim is team effectiveness and clarity of goals.

The webinar explored the importance of communication through consistency, and understanding situations to communicate effectively.



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