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Wading through applications to find candidates who really understand what KAM is and have the potential to carry it through for your company can be very time-consuming and disappointing. But chances are that visitors to this site have already been filtered by declaring their involvement in KAM, potentially saving a lot of time, trouble and wasteful misunderstandings and increasing your chance of finding the right candidate quickly.

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Finding genuine KAM jobs, rather than sales or customer service positions, can be exhausting. Every application you make consumes time, energy and emotion, so AKAM encourages recruiters to carefully consider whether theirs is a genuine KAM position before advertising or making contact, to save your going through all that unnecessarily.


Internships are not easy to find, so AKAM is happy to provide an additional channel in the search for a placement for those interested in KAM. Make sure when and where you will be available are clear.

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Display your advertisements for key account management positions here to reach the most appropriate and best qualified candidates at minimal cost, whether key account managers or program directors. NB Advertisements will be accessible to all visitors to the site, not just members.

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Register your goals and background here, free of charge, so we can help to match organisations’ and individuals’ requirements in KAM. AKAM does not act as an intermediary, so make sure you have included how they can contact you.

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