Dominykas Cibulskas held an AKAM webinar on Friday 15th May discussing What is the value of trust in KAM.

Below you can see the recorded webinar and view the presentation slides.


Value Does Value = profit = money? Or do human and social values matter too? What values are you seeking? What values is your counterpart or partner chasing?
Are your values compatible, can you find some values that unite you? Has the recent crisis taught us that there is more to a successful business than the most direct route to the cash?

Relationship How does your organisation view relationships? Relationship = connection = transaction = value = money? Or can there be a different kind of relationship? It could be warm, close and productive OR distant, remote and cold or even negative, inevitable and destructive? Is it a choice or a given? Can you change the direction of a relationship without breaking it?

Key Account Are they the biggest customers today based on cash-generating transactions, or those with the biggest potential in future? How would the equation change if you offered a close, trusting relationship? Can we apply to business relationships the models we use in our daily life?

Trust Is trust itself valuable? What should you do to be trusted and learn to trust others? Is a relationship even possible without trust? What is the difference between relationships with trust and without it? In fact, do we need trust in business relationships at all – maybe a strong business model is enough.

It’s a short question with complex answers.

‘Trust’ and ‘Relationship’ raise many queries that have few clear answers.