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Next member-only webinar: Software technology in KAM, 3rd April 

association for key account management

If we can find a bright side in the coronavirus crisis, it might be that it creates an opportunity when many of you will be working from home, to use webinars to reach out and continue to support your KAM development. Especially for those who couldn't make AKAM Technical in Berlin - the full-strength version - Dr Olivier Riviere will guide you through the minefield of what technology is suitable for KAM - and what is not - with lots of practical hints on what to choose and how to make a success of introduction.

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AKAM Technical and 3rd Annual Conference in Berlin

All presentations from the AKAM Technical workshop on Technology in KAM and from the Conference are now available for members to download in Member Resources/Workshops and Conferences, together with a report on the Conference to give you a flavour of each session.

In spite of the coronavirus issue, 85% of delegates attended and the feedback was extremely positive. "Fantastic session", "Really great day with relevant content, as usual", "Always new insights", "Quality speakers and good subject content", "Great and inspiring sessions" and "Interesting, engaging and eye-opening" were some of the feedback comments from delegates.

Not surprisingly, we have postponed the May meetings in Warsaw, hopefully until the autumn, but that will have to be decided later. We'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, we are reaching out to you more regularly and frequently with monthly member-only webinars.


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Account Based Marketing and KAM: How do they work together?

Exclusive 30-minute member webinar by Mike Green and Kate Owen of Capita

If you missed the live webinar, never mind, you can play it again now. You can't afford not to know about ABM in 2020, and this webinar is packed-full of important information and messages about this red-hot topic and KAM.

New item on the website in Diagnostics and Tools: Key account selection and categorisation

Many suppliers have continued to select their key customers on the basis of historical sales results, in spite of a considerable amount of research that says this is not the way to do it. Suppliers seek to invest in those customers who will give the best return on investment in the future, and deciding who they are should obviously be made as carefully and objectively as possible.

Key accounts should be allocated more resource than other customers, and some key accounts should be allocated more resource than others. They are much more meaningfully represented in a matrix rather than a simple list, not only for selection but also for on-going management and outcome forecasting. In this paper Dr Diana Woodburn describes a process to help you construct your matrix.

While the matrix is designed for suppliers to select and manage the company's portfolio of key customers, key account managers can also apply it to their own portfolio to decide where best to spend their time. And if you think your company hasn't got the right key accounts, you might suggest this!

See you in Berlin, 3rd & 4th March!

AKAM's 3rd Annual Conference and AKAM Technical workshop

Strong line-up of speakers from different sectors, all with a special insight into some part of KAM, including academics with researched knowledge to share. The AKAM Technical looks into Technology in KAM, what's useful and what's not.

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KAM Team Engagement 

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Webinar lead: Alistair Taylor, AKAM Board Member and Partner at Brightbridge Consulting   

with Dr Diana Woodburn, AKAM Chairman

Alistair Taylor - AKAM Board MemberIf better teamwork matters to you,  join this webinar to explore routes to benefit you, your organisation and your customers. Key customers, when asked why they select one supplier over other options, frequently refer first to the quality of the supplier's team - their alignment, efficiency of working and resolving issues, and collaborative business building.

Teams make good things happen – but only if they are high functioning. Team performance research shows that often it’s not even clear who is in a team, what the team is seeking to achieve or who holds key responsibilities. Not surprisingly, that has a big impact on performance. Many key account programmes miss the point and over-focus on issues like account selection, strategies, value propositions and customer insight. Too often, improving internal teamwork gets only superficial consideration and often meets management resistance. We'll look at:

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