Webinar How to gain a Diploma in Key Account Management

By Diana Woodburn | January 7, 2021 | AKAM News Webinar

Key account manager Diploma
You are a skilled Key Account Manager with solid experience behind you and yet you haven't had any objective way to demonstrate your competency to your current or potential employers.
Until now!

Demonstrating the value of the Diploma, John Bailey, Director, International Key Accounts at Hiab AB Sweden said,

“Hiab fully supports AKAM’s professionally recognised Diploma in KAM. AKAM is the only recognised body that can assist in giving support, guidance and advice on how to secure our required KAM personnel.”

AKAM Webinar
Friday 29th January
12:15-1:15 p.m. CET/11:15-12:15 p.m. GMT
This webinar is open to everyone!

The Diploma in KAM is designed for those who have experience as a key account manager and does not depend on a fixed course of study. AKAM recognises that understanding and competency can be gained in more than one way, through:

• ‘learning by doing’ while fulfilling the role of key account manager
• by observing and exchanging experience with peers and managers in KAM
• by formal learning opportunities like courses and conferences
• by self-study and research.

You gain the Diploma by sending AKAM a demonstration of your competencies as a written account with supporting evidence in various forms: for example, an actual strategic account plan can demonstrate your competency in strategic account planning. (NB All material submitted as part of your application will be kept confidential to selected AKAM Board members/ assessors who can sign NDAs if required and delete your material after evaluation.)

Alongside your experience, you will need to show how an awareness and understanding of underlying theory has informed your practice. Relevant fields are key account management itself, obviously, and related concepts, e.g. product/service marketing. You will find here a list of some books that cover relevant theory.


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