People and organisations involved in Key Account Management still have different circumstances and different needs, so AKAM has a flexible range of annual membership options available:

Individual Membership

Join AKAM for €150 and benefit from workshops, webinars, access to Member Resources, networking and more. All then FREE (not just discounted!). Click on Individual Membership below.

Special offer: Cluster membership - 4 for the price of 3. 

We’ll give you one membership FREE if there are 4 people in your organisation who would like to join. Use the Individual Membership tab below to sign up 3 people, then just drop us an email with details of the fourth, we’ll do the rest.

Programme Membership

Specially designed so KAM programme directors can have exclusive access to an AKAM-supported peer forum to sustain development of KAM in their organisation, through gaining the experience and practical advice of others in similar positions (5 individual memberships included). Particularly suitable for medium-sized companies. Click on Programme Membership below.

Corporate Membership

Designed for large companies to involve and support many of their people spread across complex organisations and regions. Access to programme certification and support from AKAM professionals, plus the opportunity to influence AKAM activities. We’ll need to talk, but click on Corporate Membership to find out more.

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