Terms of Service


The Association for Key Account Management is a not for profit organisation designed to create and support a community of professionals in key account management. It aims to share experience, practices and research in key account management among its members and also, from time to time, with others concerned with key account management.

Key account management knowledge

While AKAM works to maintain the utility, currency and accuracy of material on key account management, it does not accept liability for any of the material held on its website, communicated at meetings or distributed in any other way. Material is contributed by wide variety of sources, and AKAM cannot be held responsible for material distributed, or for non-distribution of material, which may or may not be because it considers the material to be counter to the principles of key account management.

AKAM cannot accept liability for any effects of the application of any material offered.


Membership benefits may be varied from time to time, and while AKAM will use its best endeavours to deliver published benefits, it cannot be held responsible for any changes or hiatus in the offering of benefits. Membership will generally, as an absolute minimum, offer free attendance at meetings and access to resources on the website.

Corporate members will have contracts for each specific year of membership, and AKAM commits to working with each organisation to fulfil the potential benefits described.

Membership fees cover one year of membership from the date of payment. Membership fees are not refundable. Individual membership subscriptions will be automatically renewed unless deselected on joining, or at any time members can log in and cancel autorenewal on their profile page.

Member commitment

Members agree not to use AKAM as a sales platform for their business, and AKAM may ask any member contravening this principle to leave if complaints are received.


AKAM commits to employing professional support to maintain its website facilities, but is not liable for any breakdown of service that may from time to time occur.

Member names, organisations and email addresses are listed within the member resource centre in the website, in order to encourage members to network with each other in a nonintrusive manner. AKAM hopes that members will reply politely to any email contact from another member, whether positively or negatively, but there is no obligation to engage in a dialogue, although such a dialogue could be to the benefit of both. See our Data Policy for management of members’ details.

Diploma submissions

If AKAM receives material which is confidential, the sender needs to make the organisation specifically aware of its confidential nature and elements. AKAM will require confidentiality agreements with any examiners that it uses.

AKAM will ensure that examiners of Diploma submissions are appropriately qualified to assess submissions.