AKAM data protection policy

Scope of member data retained

AKAM will keep the data supplied by members joining AKAM, whether individual student, academic, practitioner or consultant members or employees of corporate members who are involved in AKAM activities. As a minimum, member names, organisations and email addresses will be kept in order to make appropriate contacts about AKAM activities, and we may also keep data on job title, sector and other details of employer organisations if supplied by the member.

AKAM commits to keeping data in recognised, secure formats which are protected from external interference as far as reasonably possible. AKAM will keep member data securely for up to 5 years after the end of the membership period, unless the member asks for it to be deleted from the records.

Use of member data

AKAM will use member data to:

  • make contact with members and ex-members about AKAM activities;
  • make them aware of KAM initiatives which may be of interest;
  • invite them to participate in research projects conducted or supported by AKAM.

In order that members can readily network with each other, members’ names, organisations and email addresses will be displayed in the section of the AKAM website that will be accessible only to current members: access to this section of the AKAM website will be denied when membership ceases. No other member data will be shared on the website, and the data will be removed within 12 months after membership ceases.

AKAM will not provide any member data to other organisations for the purposes of selling or marketing etc., or research except for those research projects specifically approved by AKAM.


AKAM will only offer member data to recognised research organisations for single, genuine, specific research projects, and will gain the researchers’ commitment to:

  • only making contact by email unless the member has him/herself volunteered other contact details to the researcher.
    accepting immediately and unconditionally any refusal to participate in the research project without making further contact.
  • only using the member data for a single, specific AKAM-approved research project.
    providing the member with the outputs of the research project when completed.

Opting out

At any time, members may opt to have their details withdrawn from:

  • display in the members-only section of the AKAM website
  • lists supplied by AKAM to legitimate research organisations.

AKAM commits to complying with requests to have a member’s data removed from the website or lists of potential research participants at the earliest possible opportunity.


AKAM may communicate with people who have made contact with AKAM by joining as individual or corporate members, subscribing to the Bulletin, or registering to attend a meeting. Any unwelcome communication can be stopped by emailing the requirement to cease to info@a4kam.org or using the unsubscribe process wherever it appears.




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