About the Association for
Key Account Management

Our mission is to advance the understanding, recognition and standards of Key Account Management through learning, support and making connections.

AKAM is a not-for-profit, professional membership providing a resource centre and exchange for all members, both through the website and a variety of events. The AKAM community shares a passion for  Key Account Management (KAM) and a desire to understand this apparently simple but actually challenging business discipline. 

Our global community of Key Account Managers receives access to the latest research, resources and learning opportunities.  AKAM members, including practitioners, consultants, academics and experts, are encouraged to network and collaborate to continuously advance the practice of KAM, sharing experience, insights and knowledge to help others develop their own understanding and competency.

Founded in 2016, initially with a pan-European focus,  AKAM quickly attracted members across the world via its internet-accessible events and resources.  

AKAM promotes KAM principles and practice through:

Communicating with business, academia and the wider world to gain proper understanding and recognition of KAM.

Standardising skills by defining competencies; a development curriculum; and certifying development programmes.

Sponsoring research into under-explored aspects of KAM, and linking practitioners and academics to the benefit of both.

Facilitating the sharing of KAM knowledge and the latest research, learning, practices and variations from around the world.

Our Members

AKAM consists of a healthily mixed community of five constituencies with different takes on KAM that add to each others’ understanding. 

Corporate companies pursuing KAM programs in their organisations
Individual key account managers seeking support for a challenging job
Educational institutions seeking to develop a new offering in KAM
Academics looking for new links and participants in their research
Consultants and trainers offering KAM support and services.

Our Objectives

How does it work?

Meetings and Webinars

Meetings are free to Members (chargeable for guests). Normally we hold two highly participative workshops, led by KAM experts and practitioners, and one conference with a wider range of presentations. Face-to-face meetings take place all over Europe: e.g. Paris, London, Oslo, Dublin, Lugano, Madrid, Milan, Berlin.

We also run webinars on KAM topics which are accessible from all over the world: about half are open to non-members. Meeting and webinar presentations are loaded into Member Resources on the website afterwards, with exclusive access to members, so even if you can’t make a meeting or live webinar, you can access the entire backlog of material and ideas whenever it suits you.

Online Member Resource Centre

We are constantly adding to the materials (available to Members only) via the website (over 250!) The collection of papers and articles – practical and conceptual, long and short – tackles a wide variety of KAM topics. 

You can apply the tools and diagnostics in your own organisation, which will save you a lot of time and trouble. Plus there’s case studies, videos, and references to make it easy for you to learn more.

As far as we know, there is no other online resource for KAM like it, and the keyword search facility will help you find what you need.  We hope Members will let us know what they want to see.

Qualifications in KAM

AKAM has developed two ground-breaking qualifications in KAM: as far as we could see, none previously existed. 

The AKAM Professional Diploma is for experienced Key Account Managers who want to prove their competencies (to current and future employers, and to themselves), working through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). It’s not a course, you document your competencies at your own pace, with AKAM’s guidance.

The Postgraduate Certificate in KAM is accredited by the Technological University Dublin (with 30 ECTS), aimed at less experienced, new and aspiring Key Account Managers and any missing formal KAM training. The online course of recorded lectures, live tutorials and assignments can be followed anywhere in the world.

Professional networks

Members have exclusive access to the Member Network of names, organisations and email addresses so you can contact people who may have similar issues and might be able to offer support. 

KAM Leaders in corporate members have access to an exclusive Programme Directors Forum with bimonthly online meetings to thrash out some of the issues they face.  Their page on the website collects all the inputs and outputs from their discussions.

AKAM’s Academic Advisory Board meets quarterly to promote exchanges between academics, researchers and practitioners and particularly to facilitate and support research projects providing new insight into KAM. They also have an exclusive page on the website.

What our members have to say

Membership Packages

Individual membership offers KAM practitioners timely KAM knowledge, expertise and support that may not be available from your organisation.

Corporate membership offers organisations a great range of benefits and support, in addition to the benefits available to individual members.

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