Strategic key account plans in practice

Watch the recorded webinar and view the presentation slides of AKAMs Strategic Key Account planning webinar. This webinar was hosted by Geoff Quinn of Pfizer Global and Diana Woodburn AKAM Chairman.

The quality – even the existence – of strategic key account plans is patchy even in some of the most forward-looking organisations. Why is that? After all, these are the principal instruments through which key account managers secure the resources they need from their own organisation and the commitment to future business from the customer.

In this half-hour webinar, Geoff Quinn of Pfizer Global shares his thoughts and experience on the barriers to proper strategic account planning and how to overcome them. Plus how to produce better plans and gain for them the attention they require.

This webinar explores who expects what from strategic account plans. Identify the essential components and how to present them:

  • Key customer understanding
  • Value creation
  • Commitment delivery
  • Relationship development
  • Internal and external plan communication

And reviewing – making it a creative process, not the usual walk round results!

If strategic account plans are precious, why are they so often weak or non-existent?


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