KAM of the Year 2022

Are you a great Key Account Manager?

Do you know a great Key Account Manager?

At last!

The Key Account Manager of the Year Award gives you the chance to demonstrate your value

We’ll be looking to showcase key account managers who have done something notable in KAM, whether something particularly exciting this year or steadily over the last three years. You may be in any sector, country or size of the organisation, that's not important.

We want to know what YOU have done, regardless of whether your organisation is supportive of KAM or not. KAM doesn't only apply to large companies - we really welcome entries from smaller organisations.

This award is open to all

You don't have to be an AKAM member to nominate someone or enter yourself for Key Account Manager of the Year 2022.

The judges will be looking for:


  1. Depth and breadth of customer understanding
  2. Creativity (of any kind - offer or support or new approach)
  3. Customer value
  4. Contribution to your organisation's strategic objectives.
Applications due by
31st December 2022

Scan this example entry to help you get started on writing your statement.



Using the application form below, write a statement (up to 500 words) of what you have done to become the next Key Account Manager of the Year.

Then ask someone to endorse it as being substantially true (your nominator) and send it to us at [email protected].


  • Applications should relate to activities within the last three years.
  • All material submitted as part of your application will be kept confidential to the AKAM Board member judges who endorse AKAM's confidentiality policy (Click here).


Summarise in just 500 words what you have done and achieved as a KAM (within the last 3 years).

Ask a nominator (e.g. line manager, customer) to broadly agree to your statement.

Send your statement to AKAM at [email protected] (with your nominator's name and email address). 

Short List
AKAM will tell you if you are short-listed.

Interviews for short list
30-minute video interviews with judges, shortlisted KAMs only.

TO APPLY: Download the form below, include your statement and other details and send it to AKAM at [email protected].



What would winning do for your career? It was great for Marc's.

Entering is simple, it's surely worth a try!



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