AKAMs October Bulletin 📘

I imagine we had all hoped to be in a better situation with the virus by now than we were at the beginning of the summer but, sadly, it’s far from over. As supply chains are fractured and restrictions continue we still have to meet the challenge of this ‘new normal’.

There’s more to learn from the interview with John Bailey on p.4, describing how Hiab has managed the crisis with customers. While everyone’s adapted to new ways of working and improved their virtual interactions, ‘zoomed out’ is becoming a common feeling, hence our member webinar with Cristina Mariani in November.

Some key account managers have been working flat out to deal with extra complications, while others have time on their hands, and some have even been made redundant – a very shortsighted approach which customers will not readily forgive. In any case, this might be a good time to reflect on your value to your organisation and your customers and enter for the Key Account Manager of the Year Award 2020. Or embark on the new Diploma in Key Account Management, which is relaunched in this Bulletin on p.7 Or both!

We’ve reviewed the Diploma competencies and made the process much clearer, adding mentoring support through the first competency. KAM is and should be recognised as a profession and now it’s backed by a professional qualification. In these turbulent times, it may be that gaining the only independent qualification in KAM could stand you in good stead for the future. I gained my MBA in an earlier recession when I realised that I was competing (unsuccessfully) with applicants with relevant qualifications, while my degrees in Biochemistry were no help in landing a marketing job.

Reluctantly, plans for our 4th conference in Dublin in early March have been postponed indefinitely, it’s hard to know when people might be travelling again. We hope to recommence face-to-face meetings in autumn 2021, and we will be monitoring the situation closely.

We’ll continue our programme of useful, 50/60 minute webinars at least every 3 weeks – we suspect you wouldn’t welcome longer sessions! EMCOR UK is a great case study (16th October) on the vexed issue of engaging the rest of the company to get their cooperation with delivering what you want to offer to key accounts. Jeremy Campbell and Steve Dolan are prepared to expose the ups and the downs! And on 6th November, executive recruiter Gintarė Bėtaitė of Amrop, one of the largest global executive search partnerships, explains what employers are looking for in the perfect KAM. Good to know.

Stay well, get in touch ([email protected]),
Best wishes
Dr Diana Woodburn
AKAM Chairman


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