Announcing the winner of Key Account Manager of the Year, 2022

Congratulations to Sandro Bordalo Clos!!

This Award is designed to highlight the great work that key account managers do for their customers and their own company.

Key account management can be a tough job, and it’s good to identify those who have enacted the approach successfully. Their example can inspire others and demonstrate to their organisations what is possible when KAM is fully embraced.

Sandro Bordalo Clos, Strategic Healthcare Partner – Manager

Pfizer, Biopharma Brasil

What did Sandro do to win?

Sandro built a high level of trust with a large hospital group, which resulted in their sharing with him deep insights about a priority issue they faced. Sandro investigated and explored potential solutions.  He uncovered key information from contacts in the hospital, others in Pfizer and knowledgeable external parties.  

He then collaborated with the hospital and other experts to create and deliver an excellent new solution that addressed the hospital’s issue. The approach required engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.  The new solution has proven highly successful, improving patient experience and the hospital’s effectiveness, and feedback from the hospital has been very positive.  An excellent solution-orientated approach. 

“Thank you very much, I am very happy to be part of this select group of professionals!! My eternal gratitude to our work team integrated into the accounts, and thank you AKAM, this initiative contributes a lot to inspire more colleagues to share their achievements.”

– Sandro Clos

Highly Commended

Steven Thomson, Account Director, EMCOR UK

The judges were impressed by all the finalists, yet would like to particularly mention Steve Thomson from EMCOR UK for sustained work driving key account management approaches. “In particular, Steve created great value for a key customer and EMCOR through setting up shared data management. This data improves utilisation of resource, monitors safety and raises the overall professionalism of the solutions EMCOR UK offers. It has provided the framework for a customer partnership which is going from strength to strength.”

Steve said, “To get this far in a global event is beyond any expectations I had when I wrote the original KAM submission, so thank you for the opportunity.”

How was it for you?

We asked Steve Thomson what he would say to other key account managers about his experience of this process. He replied, “I guess, like many, I wanted to see if my approach to KAM was different from others, as KAM is a process that we invest a huge amount of time in to ensure the success and longevity of the contracts we lead and manage. Entering the Key Account Manager Of The Year programme allowed me to test and challenge my interpretation of how I use KAM in the workplace, and to benchmark against the best KAM practitioners out there in the FM sector.

I took this opportunity to learn about how to improve my KAM offer and to take it on as an expedition of continuous development where it evolves to meet partnership needs. I would encourage all KAM managers to embark on this journey and submit ‘how you do KAM’, as you may just find some marginal gains that turn a good KAM offering into a great one.”

AKAM is keen to showcase great KAM to inspire others.

Why not tell us about your experience and achievements? Maybe we can interview you and share your success with others? To start the conversation, please email [email protected].

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